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40 Years Ago: ‘Wheel … Of … Fortune’ [Video]
It was 40 years ago, Jan. 6, 1975, A brash, young Chuck Woolery reached down and spun a giant wheel on the television game show "Wheel of Fortune."
Vanna White was still a 18-year-old bubbly high school student. And Pat Sajak was a part-time DJ in Nashville.
Pat Sajak Loses It. Really.
Pat Sajak has hosted "Wheel of Fortune" for 81 years. That's only strange because he just turned 68 last month, but I digress. He's a TV icon, with thousands of broadcasts under his belt.
West Michigan People On TV Game Shows!
Congrats to Darl Gilliland, Ashley Boelens, and the Parker family! These West Michigan natives are all going to be on TV game shows in the next week! Way to go! Gilliland joins a host of other West Michiganders who have been on the Price is Right since Drew Carey took over as host.