Va Va Voom! Loni Anderson Is Still Hot! [Video]
There was a "WKRP in Cincinnati" reunion Wednesday at The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles.
And Loni Anderson was there. So were a few of the others from the cast, but I can't really remember their names at this point.
Her character, Jennifer Marlowe, however, was front and…
“As God Is My Witness…” [VIDEO]
..."I thought Turkey's could fly" One the most classic lines from the 40th best TV episode of all time, the WKRP in Cincinnati Thanksgiving episode where the station does a turkey drop for the holiday. Except...
WKRP Famous Turkey Drop
We got to talking about this classic today at the office here at the radio station.  Especially with the passing of Allison Harte, thought it might be kind of fun to relive this little gem.
This is the classic WKRP "Turkey Drop" episode, in a 30 second montage.
Happy Birthday Johnny Fever
Happy Birthday to Howard Hesseman - 71 Today. Of Course, we know him better as Dr. Johnny Fever from WKRP in Cincinnati...   Being in Radio, I love this show. Even if you aren't, still a great show and still funny - even now.  Enjoy this blast from the past...
Brady Hoke…Any Relation To Janna? :)
So no Les Miles or Les Nessman at UofM...It's a Hoke. Janna, who does our traffic on the Afternoon Hustle, is also a Hoke...wonder what that means? Hey Janna, can I get some tickets? :)
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