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This Might Be A Dog I Could Use!
I have read the stories of diabetes sufferers with bad feet and dogs that can alert them to the danger they are in. A story a couple of years ago about a dog who told his owner his foot was infected saved the man's life. Now more dogs are using their nose to help other diabetic's as well.
We’re Number 37 In Grand Rapids! YES!
The website GRNow.com just released it's "Grand Rapids Social Media Presence" list. The list of the most popular social media sites in the Greater Grand Rapids area. And WFGR came in...37th! Whoo Hoo!
As Stewie Would Say…
What the duece?
WOOD TV 8 last night reported "No celebrities will be in town for the movie shoot on Wednesday" (a little background, "SetUp", a movie with Bruce Willis and Fity Cent is currently shooting in town)