You can talk and ask questions to Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell on the first Monday of every month on his GRTV show City Connection! The Mayor has really upped his online presence in the past couple of years. First by joining Facebook, then Twitter, now with his TV show he's really stepped it up melding all the social and traditional media. Way to go Mr. Mayor!

From the Rapidian story "Mayor to answer citizen concerns on monthly "City Connection" the details to seeing the show and asking questions are spelled out.

"Add your own questions for today's City Connection with a tweet, on Facebook, or in an email. You can add your questions at any time, including during the show itself.

Host Linda Gellasch will also be talking to Heartwell about his upcoming state of the city address, the loss of our comptroller and a variety of city issues prompted by questions submitted by viewers like you. They will also touch on the recent mention of Grand Rapids by Bill Moyers as a city leading the way in sustainability, in which the mayor's letter to Newsweek was cited."

Just another example of why Grand Rapids is a pretty happenin' place to be!