Every year at Taylor University, located in Upland, Ind., about halfway between Fort Wayne and Indianapolis just a few miles off I-69 east of Marion, Ind., they have a tradition called "Silent Night."

The private Christian university celebrates the holiday by encouraging fans to be, well, silent until Taylor scores the 10th point at a men's basketball game. After that, it's a whole different scene.

The annual game was Saturday night.

Here's a story from Deadspin "Taylor University's "Silent Night" Continues To Be Fascinating"

"The 'Silent Night' tradition has apparently been around for over 20 years, and it's received a lot of attention in seasons past. The routine, always done the Friday before final exams, also includes singing 'Silent Night' near the end of the game and a postgame campus-wide Christmas party, but this seems like the best part."

Here's the video of the 10th point being scored and the ensuing pandemonium.