The British are not really all that different than us here in the US. Maybe expect for their teeth, and their Queen, we are all pretty much the same. So when I saw a list of "10 things that make people happy" and saw that it was a poll from Britain, I realized the very things that make them happy make us happy, too!

The whole story "The 10 VERY simple things make us happiest (CLUE: It's NOT fancy holidays or pots of cash)" tells the things that make us happy. Id have to agree with alot of them.

Here's the list. Of course it's British, so there are a few things that look weird, but you get the drift.

1. Discovering money you didn’t know you in an old coat – 59%
2. Winning a competition you forgot you entered – 46%
3. Getting a refund or rebate you didn’t know was due – 41%
4. Saving money on household bills – 31%
5. Finding a £10 winning lottery ticket – 28%
6. Going to the till at the shops and realising your item has been marked down – 26%
7. Losing 1/2lb – 18%
8. Finding money in a supermarket automated till – 13%
9. Not having a hangover after a big night out – 5%
10. Getting a seat on the train into work – 3%