According to a new study out of Columbia Business School, people are really terrible at figuring out how they come off in the workplace, and tend to think they’re being bossier or more of a wuss than their co-workers think they are.

Good and bad news? You’ve got a 50/50 shot. 57% of people who are seen as “under-assertive” think of themselves as being assertive enough or even borderline pushy. Meanwhile, 56% of people seen as “too assertive” think they’re right on track or even submissive.

The study noted that women and men were equally ignorant in not knowing how their co-workers perceived them. Yay for gender equality!

Oh, and fun fact: not only are our cubicles filled with junk we don’t need like that “Keep Calm and Keep Filing” poster, but you can add “crippling self-doubt” to your inbox. Apparently when we think we’re crossing inappropriate lines when we usually aren’t.

And, you thought the only interesting thing in your office was the pool to see who’ll get the last donut in the break room.

Your attitiude might be "Who cares what the people I work with think of me? I’m there to collect a paycheck, not a pen-pal," but they're judging you whether and might make a difference come promotions time.

How good of a relationship do you have with your fellow co-workers? Work and nothing else? Or do you hang after hours with some of your office peeps?