Tourist in Mexico

A lone American tourist, vacationing in Mexico, was wandering around one afternoon and realized he had completely lost all track of time.
He noticed an elderly Mexican gentleman sitting against a cathedral wall with a donkey standing next to him. 

The tourist ambles over to the Mexican fellow and, not wanting to disrupt his apparent siesta too much, quietly asks him,
"Excuse me, sir, do you happen to know what time it is?"
The local looks up at the tourist with sleepy eyes from under his sombrero, then reaches over and grabs the donkey's testicles.
He lifts them a couple of times, like he's weighing them, and then replies,"Ci, senior, it's 2:30."
Amazed at such a feat, the tourist cannot ignore asking the obvious,
"Wow - you mean to tell me that you can actually tell what time it is by lifting that donkey's balls?"
The Mexican gentleman slowly replies,"' senior."
"Well!" the tourist exclaims, "That is fascinating! Can you tell me how you do that?"
"Of course." replies the Mexican.
"First, you grab these big, hairy, balls, then you lift them like this, see?"
He then points past the testicles over to a nearby bell tower and says, "And then you see that clock over there?"

Submitted by Al Thompson on the Bob and Tom Show

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