The following joke is fiction. The events mentioned actually never happened.


A Royal Meeting

Prince William and Princess Kate were touring the U.S. on an extension of their honeymoon, staying in hotels in various cities as they saw the sites.
One morning in a hotel's dining area, they were seated at a table awaiting their breakfast when a man, who appeared to be at the tail-end of a long night of drinking, sat down at a table near them. Within minutes of sitting down, the man leans sideways and rips a gigantic, noisy, gaseous expulsion.
Prince William immediately rose to his feet, and addressed the man saying, "How dare you fart before my wife?!"

The man, somewhat taken aback, slurringly replied, "Geez, I'm shorry buddy. I dint know it was her turn!"

Submitted by Dennis McAteer on Bob and Tom Dot Com

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