The Cop and the Clown

A patrolman pulled a motorist over for speeding. He approached the drivers window and asked, " So buddy, what's the hurry?"
The driver replied, " I'm a clown, I perform at children's birthday parties,and I'm late for one."
The patrolman said, "That's interesting. You know, I've never seen a clown perform. If you get out of the car and do you act right here, I'll skip the ticket." 
The man got out of his car, put on the funny clown shoes, oversized pants, multi-colored wig, clown makeup and began to juggle three balls. He hopped on one foot, juggled high, juggled behind his back, and under one leg, hopping around his car, on and off the road. He asked to the patrolman, "Do you have road flares?" 

"Yes I do" the patrolman replied.
"Well get three and light them and toss them to me one at a time." said the clown.
The patrolman did that, and the clown caught them and was now juggling everything, hopping around on one foot and then the other. A car approached and parked behind the patrol car. The driver got out and opened the back door of the patrol car and got in.
The patrolman waked back and looking in at the man asked, " May I help you?"
Pointing at the clown performing, the man replied, " Just take me in. I'll never pass THAT test."
Submitted by Mark Golomb on Bob and Tom
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