I never watched the show. Not one single second. Bryan Cranston will always be the dentist from Seinfeld and the dad on Malcolm in the Middle. And he's been on Big Bang Theory. I think. Or it's How I Met your Mother. Whatever, about 800 million people watched the last episode and are still all into the show.

OK Maybe not 800 million but you get the gist. So when the Alternate Ending to Breaking Bad was leaked, it's kind of caused a stir. Huffington Post has this story.

An alternate ending for "Breaking Bad" starring Jane Kaczmarek and Bryan Cranston has leaked and it is amazing.

In the video , Cranston awakens from a dream and is next to Kaczmarek. The two reprise their "Malcolm In The Middle" roles. It seems "Breaking Bad" was all a dream brought on by deep-fried Twinkies.

"You cooking anything?" Kaczmarek asks as Lois. Cranston's Hal recalls all sorts of "Breaking Bad" details like Tuco's uncle who didn't speak and "man-child" Jesse Pinkman.

Unfortunately the video keeps getting yanked by the fun guys at Sony Pictures. Way to go stooges. Oh well.