Who wants coffee?

Only some of you, it seems. That's what a new survey tells us.

Using data from a Men's Health study, researchers put together in infographic which took into account the percentage of households that own coffeemakers and buy coffee, plus the average amount of money each household spends on coffee, the number of cafes in a given town and the percentage of residents who drink five-plus cups a day.

The three toppers in coffee-drinking love were all in the northeasterrn U.S.  No Seattle here, despite the Space Needle town's coffee-steeped reputation. However, Seattle does make No. 9 on the list of those most into the beverage.

And as for the cities that don't go for the beany brew so intensely?  Heading that list is Jackson, Miss.  A quick search of its daily newspaper's website indicated that Jackson didn't care enough about the brew to even post this story. Additionally, there is a bit of a Southern-leaning edge to the number of cities opting out of coffee intake, though the list isn't so cut and dried.

So, here are your least coffee-obsessed towns:

  1. Jackson, Mississippi
  2. Fort Worth, Texas
  3. Memphis
  4. Durham, North Carolina
  5. Birmingham, Alabama
  6. Dallas
  7. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  8. Milwaukee
  9. Kansas City, Missouri
  10. Houston

And those who can't get enough of the roasted stuff:

  1. Portland, Maine
  2. Manchester, New Hampshire
  3. Burlington, Vermont
  4. Portland, Oregon
  5. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  6. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  7. Reno, Nevada
  8. San Francisco
  9. Seattle
  10. Corpus Christi, Texas