I came to the "How I Met Your Mother" party late.

I found it after watching on WGN America a couple of years back.

I'm now pretty much into the CBS show.

Last night was the series finale, in which we found, indeed, how the said Mother was met.

SPOILER ALERT! If you have DVR'd the show and haven't watched it yet, I wouldn't read this.

I'll even put the picture here so you can stop reading easier. I'm all about customer service.

Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

OK, so the show made lots of flashback and flash-forward references.

In a nutshell, Barney and Robin get married but also get divorced. Marshall and Lilly have another kid and Marshall becomes a judge. And Ted. Ted meets the Mother, they get married, she dies, and then the smart-ass kids at the very end talk Ted into dating "Aunt Robin."

So, he ends with the Mother and it's a very small part of the show.

The underlying theme is that Ted and Robin should be together. It felt kinda dirty. Ain't gonna lie, Ted and "Aunt Robin" hooking up is a little weird. And not really all that satisfying. The show was about how he met the mother, and that almost seemed glossed over. VERY anticlimactic.

For all the things the show did right, this was kind of a miss. Sure, it tied up most of the loose ends, but just not very well.

NOT really ... wait for it ... legendary.