Are you married? Do you remember your first dance?

Spotify possibly knows the song you chose for your first dance.

The music streaming service analyzed 30,000 wedding-themed playlists and 12,000 one song playlists named "First Dance" to create the top 10 list of songs played on the special day.

The classic ballad "At Last," sung by Etta James, topped the list. However, newer songs like John Legend's "All of Me" and lesser-known songs like Bright Eyes' "First Day of My Life" also made the top 10.

Check out the list below:

  1. Etta James- "At Last"

2. Jason Mraz- "I Won't Give Up"

3. Ray LaMontagne- "You Are the Best Thing"

4. John Legend- "All of Me"

5. Jack Johnson- "Better Together"

6. Christina Perri- "A Thousand Years"

7. Michael Buble- "Everything"

8. Bright Eyes- "First Day Of My Life"

9. Brad Paisley- "Then"

10. Adele- "Make You Feel My Love"

What songs would you add to this list? What was you wedding song?