NBC is digging deep in the ol' TV grabbag. They have reportedly ordered a pilot of "The Munsters". The classic 60's monster sitcom could be on your 50 inch LCD flatscreen next fall. Well that's something.

The retro TV thing has kind of clunked along in the past year or so. "Hawaii 5-0" hasn't exactly burned up the ratings. "Charlie's Angels" didn't even make it to Halloween. So why go even back farther? Maybe because viewers today might not remember the original? Since this version would be in color, unlike the 1965 version.

This Munsters would be a little different. It will be an hour long show with no laugh track. And only Butch Patrick (the original Eddie) is the only one alive who could make a cameo. The rest of the original cast has gone to the big haunted castle set in the sky.