Everybody knows how to EAT donuts or doughnuts.

But do you have the useless knowledge it takes to pass this doughnut quiz?

Let's see how you do.

Scroll down to the end for the correct answers.

1William Rosenberg founded which donut company?

(a) Dunkin' Donuts
(b) Krispy Kreme Donuts
(c) Winchell's Doughnuts


2. Which organization is credited with making the doughnut popular in the US?

(a) Red Cross
(b) Salvation Army
(c) Police Departments


3. The term "Doughboy" in WWI, originated due to the fact that the soldiers ate a lot of donuts? True or False?


4.  The reason the donut has a hole in the middle is:

(a) It's easier to retrieve it out of the hot oil once it is cooked.
(b) To make cooking easier so there's nothing raw in the middle.
(c)  Because it's easier to hold and eat with a hole.


5. Captain Hanson Crockett Gregory is believed to be the man responsible for putting the hole in the donuts.  Why?

(a) He told his mother to put a hole in the middle because he was sick of eating raw dough in the center that wouldn't cook.
(b) His mother was a good baker, and she'd fill the "oily cakes" she made with a hazelnut in the middle.  Captain Gregory didn't like the nuts and he'd pop them out first before eating, thus creating a hole in the center.
(c) He told the ship's cook to make them with holes in the middle so he could stick them on the ship's wheel while he was steering the ship.
(d) All of the above.


6.  Which famous rock ‘n’ roll legend sang a jingle for Southern Maid Donuts?

(a) Elvis Presley
(b) Buddy Holly
(c) Jerry Lee Lewis


7. The first American Food Promotion Month ever was "Donut Month."  True or False?


8. The geometric name for a dough-nut shape is?

(a) Vesica Piscis
(b) Toroid
(c) Ellipse


9.  Native Americans believe that they were the first to have created the donut.  The Shawnee made cakes from fried cornmeal dough, often sweetened with sap. Today, they are more commonly called:

(a) Fritters
(b) Johnny Cakes
(c) Cornmeal Cookies


10. The donut-shape has been around for thousands of years. It's been used in ancient coins, jewelry, carvings, stones, and even today in the form of space ships.  But, the origin of a circle with a hole in the middle is believed to go back to the philosophical symbol called the "uroboros" which represents what as eternity?

(a) Eclipse of the Sun and Moon
(b) Goodness with Evil in center
(c) Snake in a circle biting it's own tail


BONUS: Donut shop, "Coffee An' " sent which president free donuts?

(a) Bill Clinton
(b) Jimmy Carter
(c) Ronald Reagan


Answers are down below after Burl Ives sings the "Donut Song"


1.  A)  Dunkin Donuts

2.  B)  Salvation Army

3.  TRUE!  While there’s no reference for this, it is accepted as a fact

4.  B)  For cooking. Before the hole, there was often a raw, gooey center.

5.  D)  All of the above – no one knows the real reason, but these are three versions.

6. A) Elvis. He recorded the jingle back on November 6, 1954. It remains as the only commercial jingle he ever recorded.

7. True! Back in 1929

8.  B) Toroid

9.  B) Johnny Cakes – derived from “Shawneecakes”

10. C) Snake in a circle biting it's own tail

BONUS: A) Bill Clinton