So the third area smashburger (with a little "s") opens on the 26th at M-6 and Kalamazoo. The folks at the new hamburger place invited selected members of the media (read:with a PULSE! ;)) to sample lunch at their newest location. Here is that review.

As you enter the new smashburger, you are greeted by friendly people and a big menu board

Look around at the tasteful decor

and the tables

busy place

my burger..the BBQ BACON CHEDDAR...yum!

see, not kidding...yum!

almost gone

the sign of a quality place...nothing left!

The smashburger opens Friday the 26th, there's also locations on the Medical Mile downtown and on 28th street and the Beltline.

really with smashed burger and potatoes, you can't go wrong. Delicious!