The name Chcuk Lorre is pretty famous in the TV production world. "The Drew Carey Show" "Roseanne" "Grace Under Fire" "Darhma and Greg" "Two and a Half Men" and "The Big Bang Theory" and just a few of the shows he's created, written for and produced. Yeah, he kind of has a knack for putting on popular shows. His latest is a new CBS comedy starring Anna Faris and Allison Janey called "Mom".

The premise: Faris plays a recovering alcoholic mom raising two kids, including a teen daughter who much like herself at that age is drinking and having sex. Faris also is following in her Mom's footsteps by sleeping with her married boss. Faris reconnects with Mom (Janney) in the opening episode at AA, and the two begrudgingly try and bury the hatchet, just Faris' daughter announces (through Janney) that she's pregnant.

My review. Typical Lore show. Funny. Lots of legs. Some shows after a few episodes are done, because the show has no place to go. A couple of years a go a show with Jenna Elfman was doomed before it started. She played a newspaper editor, pregnant with a young staffers baby. Show was over by the end of the season. The main "funny" part was the pregnancy. Once the baby was born, show was over.

Brother and kid move in with other brother. Nerdy scientists befriend pretty neighbor. Mom and kids deal with overbearing grandmother. No closed ends. Plenty of room to add or subtract characters and stories. Let relationships blossom. Have a former Blossom on a show. All Lorre's handywork. Prime time slot for "Mom" (after 2 Broke Girls...NOT a Lorre show, but the same open ended premise) and this one is a winner.

Mom 3 1/2 stars. CBS Mondays, 9:30