The next big X games or Olympic sport? Extreme Ironing. I wish I was kidding, but it's true. Ranking right up there with Championship Lawn Mowing (which WAS an actual event on ESPN back it's early days--look it up) More than one person has photographed or filmed themselves ironing in extreme places. Hence the name Extreme Ironing.

Here's a couple of tales to wet your extreme ironing whistle. From Yahoo: Extreme Ironing

"Kevin Krupitzer, 17, has turned the mundane into the insane by taking his ironing board to the most extraordinary of locations, from the edge of cliff to on board a canoe. The daring teenager travels around his hometown of Gilbert, Arizona in search of the weirdest places to iron. And he has even climbed to the top of a 120ft high rock, dubbed the Totem Pole in Queen Creek Canyon, AZ in pursuit of his bizarre hobby."

And even You Tube videos.