I saw this commercial over the weekend during the NFL Playoffs. And thought it was weird. And kinda creepy. And didn't think much about it after that. Then I went on the old internets. Seems I wasn't the only one to see the spot. Millions of others did too. And THEY (and possibly you) all think it's creepy too.

"The commercial, part of a series called "Smellcome To Manhood," promotes a new line of Old Spice body sprays. The sprays, according to the ad, quickly turns teenage boys into men -- something that a group of moms in the commercial apparently aren't ready to come to terms with.

One mom is seen hiding behind the door in her son's bedroom as she sadly sings about her boy quickly becoming a man after using Old Spice. The song is picked up by other moms as they spy on their sons hanging out with girls."

In a day, the commercial was tweeted over 50,000 times. The Old Spice ad people know what they are doing. And they might be selling some Old Spice product too.