The unofficial queen of the photobomb, Kelsey Whyte, has emerged as one of the most recognized faces in photobombing on the internet.  Reddit, where she recently did an 'Ask Me Anything (AMA), dubbs her 'Photobomb Girl.'  Take heed fellow photobombers, and ask the Queen herself for some advice.

Kelsey had this to say after she was asked if people get mad after she has completed a photobomb:

OK so either people hate my guts or love me..

One time I was at a bar at school and this girl was like I recognize you... your the photobomb girl, Im like YA all happy but then she goes I HATE YOU

10 minutes later a picture of her and all her friends was photobombed - via Reddit

Below you will find a few galleries of some of her finer work.

If you are wondering what Kelsey looks like when she isn't photobombing, I think you you will be pleasantly surprised.  Check out some pictures from her Twitter feed below.

Twitter, Kelsey is the girl on the right in both photos