Well, OK. The Beatles. And David Bowie. And Gerry and the Pacemakers. Other than that... The 2012 Olympics ended on a grand scare last night with a Who's Who of British music from the past 50 years or so. And with a few notable exceptions, everyone was covered. Even Jessie J. Who?

She's had a couple of current songs here in the States, but in England I guess she's the second coming of Amy Winehouse. She DID close the show out with a Queen and Bee Gees retrospective. I'm surprised there wasn't a hologram of Winehouse, or anyone else that was either dead or didn't want to be there.

The Spice Girls, George Micheal, The Pet Shop Boys, Annie Lennox, Ray Davies of the Kinks, The Who, Madness, Blur, Oasis, One Direction and Fat Boy Slim rounded out a big section of the show. Then it got a little weird. Russell Brand doing "I am the Walrus"?. Really? Then it was Eric Idle from Monty Python...again, really. Then Taio Cruz and Jessie J led the finish. Again, really?

No Kate Bush, or Ringo or Paul, no Bowie or Pink Floyd or Elton. But it was still pretty OK. Kinda like the games themselves. The USA did great, NBC got crapped on, and the Games were OK. Makes sense the close was just OK too. The best way I heard this whole mess described was from this Yahoo blog article "Fourth Place Medal"

"By the time Annie Lennox entered the stadium on the mast of a full-sized, moving ship, it became apparent that this was less the art project that Boyle had given us two weeks ago than the Brit-pop equivalent of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade."

Well Played Britain Well Played.