The new Will Forte comedy starts early next year on FOX.

The question is, "Where does it go from here?"

The answer: "The only place it can."

The four major networks held their upfronts this week.  

This is when they release their fall schedules for advertisers, which means they announce which shows got the ax, and what new shows will make their debut.

New shows getting a great deal of buzz are CBS' "Extant" starring Halle Barry, FOX's "Gotham", taking us back to the origins of Batman, and locally, "Battle Creek", which stars Josh Duhamel as a cop in (spoiler alert) Battle Creek.  Maybe they'll find a "cereal" killer. OUCH! Sorry.

One of the lesser known newcomers is a mid-season pick up by Fox titled "The Last Man On Earth", a situation comedy starring "Saturday Night Live" alum Will Forte as, well, the last man on earth. Or is he?

The four-minute trailer is so well crafted, it plays out like a short film; a pretty good short film.

So to answer the question "where can this possibly go for laughs from here?"

The show's IMDb page gives a hint when they describe the show's plot as, "the survival of the human race depends on two strangers forced to come together despite their differences."

So maybe he's not the LAST man on earth, or he has to deal with the last WOMAN on earth. Time will tell.