According to the Brewers Association, the US now has the most breweries it’s seen since 1870!

The milestone was reached towards the end of June when 3,040 breweries were registered as operating for “all or part of that month”.

Says the Brewers Association:

Although precise numbers from the 19th century are difficult to confirm, this is likely the first time the United States has crossed the 3,000 brewery barrier since the 1870s”

So what does this mean?

It means that more and more beer is local, and the competition is HOT!

Earlier today Charlie Papazian, current president of the Brewers Association and founder of the now-retired Beer City USA poll tweeted:

American craft beer production by Craft Brewers increased 18% first half of year.

— Charlie Papazian (@CharliePapazian) July 28, 2014

Of course, here in Beer City USA we know craft beer is alive and well, but it’s nice to know this isn’t just a fad!

Don't forget that July is Michigan Craft Beer Month- we still have a few days left to celebrate!