Great story in Friday's Press/ about the crumbling roads in Grand Rapids. Now the city is doing quite a few improvements (downtown by the Arena for example--they are replacing the road they tore up with actual concrete, not asphalt) but there are some bumpy, chewed up roads in out fair city. Winter weather does that, and we aren't alone.

The story by Matt Vande Bunte, "Grand Rapids streets may be a 'walking time bomb,' but this road is the area's worst" singles out a two-mile stretch of Baldwin Street from 20th Avenue to Cottonwood Drive in Georgetown Township as the worst road in Kent County that gets more than 20,000 vehicles a day. In addition, Grand Rapids city streets are in “crisis,” with 61 percent of them in "poor” condition.

I don't know about you, but a stretch of Godfrey street is about the worst I have ever been on. From Market to Chicago Drive, it's bumpy and horrible! Maybe it doesn't get 20k a day, but it's baaaad.

What do you think the worst road in Grand Rapids is?