I guess maybe I haven't eaten enough McDonald's Chicken McNuggets in my day to notice, but it turns out that there are actually only four McNugget shapes. And the fine folks at McDonald's have named them all.

My mind is completely blown by this tidbit of information. So, what are the shapes?

Reddit via Imgur

The round ones, that seem like they've been perfectly formed into that specific shape? Those are called "balls."  Not kidding.

Ever notice that some of your nuggets seem to be shaped like boots? Well, that's because they are, and those particular chicken chunks are called "boots."

There are some McNuggets out there that are kind of narrower on one end than they are on the other. Those ones, which resemble a bell shape, are called "bells." Makes sense.

Finally, there are the "bones." These are the ones that you see that generally resemble a lumpy rectangle.

My mind is officially blown, and now I want some McNuggets.