Looking for world domination? Remember the cartoon "Pinky and the Brain" from Animaniacs? The Brain was a mouse ripoff of Orson Wells. Short, chunky with jowls for days. Pinky was his bumbling sidekick who always asked "What do you want to do tonight Brain?" And the Brain would reply "The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the World!"

This movie prop that's now for sale could help. Its the computer from the classic 80's movie "Wargames" Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy playing the game with the NORAD computer and almost blowing up the world. Good times, good times.

This story from Yahoo "Computer from ‘WarGames’ going up for sale" talks about the inner workings of the computers.

"Todd Fischer, who owns the computer, spoke via email to Yahoo News about the 8080 computer, keyboard, and noisy modem. With the exception of the dual disk drive (remember those?), all the props are still in working condition.

Fischer said he takes great pride in having contributed to the scene in which Broderick's character "inserted a floppy disk into an original 8" floppy drive to initiate the 'War Dialing' sequence that connects with W.O.P.R."

Fischer explained that while the computer is stock, "dummy boards and cables were provided to give the illusion of greater computing power and resources to boost the screen effect." Fischer said he never heard a single complaint that something wasn't correct. "I took great pains to ensure that all props offered from my end met the credibilities that the script called for," he said."

So the computers from a 30 year old movie still all work. THATS American technology in action!

todd fischer/yahoo