The side business of one Kevin Provencher, a (now former) sportswriter for the Manchester, N. H., Union Leader...Selling Amway? Nope. How bout a part-time job at Arby's? Not even close, although he was attepting to serve a need...

No, Kevin was running a prostitution ring. Good job Kevin. Why hookers? Provencher told Judge Timothy Feeley it was to "make up for a reduction in his sportswriter's salary that resulted from the newspaper industry's economic woes."

Here's the winner now...I guess in New Hampshire the cons wear white jumpsuits instead of orange...maybe he could hit Vegas and hit an all convict Elvis review when his 2 1/2 year is up. At least prostitution is legal in some parts of Nevada, and the money's probably better too.

Here's the whole story, thanks to CNHI News Service..."Sportswriter says pay cut led to prostitution business"