Tuesday Morning on the Bob and Tom show!

Gabe Kea

Nice Young Man

Gabe Kea is like no other comedian you'll find working today. Mostly, because he's not working. But when he does, he charms and entertains crowds with his fresh and original style of dynamic, well-crafted comedy. Gabe began his career in stand-up comedy after a post-college vacation to Europe where he discovered a talent for connecting with foreigners through his engaging stories and friendly demeanor. Europe is also where he discovered it would be best to refer to himself as "Canadian" rather than "American." He was named "Funniest Person in Cincinnati" just months after moving there. Kea was able to win while juggling the responsibilities of running and judging the contest at the same time. An investigation is currently underway.

Costaki Economopoulos

Easy For You To Say

Back in 1993, Costaki Economopoulos was a man divided. Part of him wanted spend his time honing his skills as a standup while his more practical side urged him to finish his work as a graduate student at the University of Georgia. For the most part, his practical side won out, but once he graduated, the comedian in him took over and Costaki put master's degree to good use by becoming a full-time comic. With his Greek heritage, it's not surprising that he's been described as a “joke philosopher,” and we're sure he's not the only one saying that. Costaki is also a talented joke writer who's punchlines have been heard on "The Tonight Show," BET, and MTV. In other news, he's recently released a new CD, The Economonologe, based on a segment he's been doing on the show for years. This segment has recently moved into a more NFL centric feature, in which Costaki talks about all things football. Watch for him in an upcoming Showtime Special, where he shares the stage with his baby's momma, the very funny and beautiful Caroline Rhea.

Bob Zany

Close But No Cigar

It's time for another exciting episode of the best joke filled, news feature hosted by a stand-up comedian named Bob Zany, The Zany Report. But the Report isn't the only thing you'll get when Bob calls in, we'll also find out where he's playing next, Bing Crosby will tell a joke, and some lucky fan will win prizes after fixing one Zany's less than successful punch lines. So you'd better tune it because it's going to be huge! In other news, Bob was recently featured in the Matt Damon film, The Informant! and is the star of the new documentary Close But No Cigar: Bob Zany PLUS Bob is a good friend of Classic Hits 98.7 WFGR!