Well, since it's post St. Paddys Day, I bring you America's Drunkest Cities:

If you have friends that live in Washington, DC, they're probably still working off the hangover from St. Patrick's Day this morning. A new survey found Washington, DC, is home to more heavy drinkers than anywhere else in the USA. No wonder our country is such a mess.

So while DC boozes it up, Vegas stays sober. How odd is that? Las Vegas tops the list in the Light Drinkers category. I guess they're too busy cleaning up after tourists from DC!

Drunkest Cities

1. DC
2. New York, NY
3. Chicago
4. Austin, TX
5. Boston
6. Denver
7. San Francisco
8. Portland, OR
9. Philly
10. St. Louis
Light Drinkers
1. Vegas
2. Tampa
3. Phoenix
4. Detroit
5. Miami
6. Atlanta
7. Dallas
8. Sacramento
9. Los Angeles
10. Cleveland