Okay Ladies - here are the Top 10 Signs that Guys are REALLY into you... Do you agree with this list? If you find a guy that does even a few of these, I suggest you HANG ON to him!

1. He remembers a thing that you mentioned you like and buys it as a just-because gift.

2. He goes to big family events with you, including reunions... and funerals.

3. He cares about your career and wants to help you get ahead.

4. He wears everything you buy him.

5. He plans vacations with you.

6. He makes plans for the future that involve you.

7. If you have kids, he's interested in meeting them (or going on "kid-dates").

8. He calls and texts you every day. He apologizes when he doesn't call back for a while (but doesn't do this often).

9. You play Words With Friends with his mom (variation: You're Facebook/Twitter friends with a lot of his family).

10. He offers to help you move.