KISS has a career spanning over 35 years! Bursting onto the scene in 1973, KISS defined what a "Rock N' Roll Stage Show" is all about! The fire breathing Demon Gene Simmons, The Rock Starchild Paul Stanley, The Guitar Shredding Spaceman Ace Frehley, and The Cool Catman Peter Criss defined a generation of rock music and have inspired many of today's acts! It is not easy to pick the TOP 5 CLASSIC TRACKS of KISS because of their extensive career, but let's give it a shot!

  • 1

    Detroit Rock City (Destroyer 1976)

    What song rocks more than a song about Detroit? With the powerful guitar riffs, solo and the sing along chorus, this song begs you to sing along while driving the streets of "The D." Detroit Rock City was the 3rd single off of the Destroyer back in 1976 (following Shout it Out loud and Flaming Youth), it was released on a 45 RPM on the A-Side. It did not do to well on radio play around the U.S, but did get significant radio play in Detroit (Gee...I wonder why) and since has become a fan favorite. On the B-Side of the 45 was "Beth" (get to this one in a moment...). Written by Paul Stanley and Bob Ezrin (Record Producer).

  • 2

    Rock N' Roll All Nite (Dressed To Kill 1975)

    Well, what would a KISS TOP 5 be without their staple song? If you are alive, you most likely know this song. Play it at any party, wedding, get together, whatever...and chances are...someone will break out in air guitar and dance around like a crazy person. Rock N' Roll All Nite was released as a single, but did not get any notoriety until KISS' breakthrough album Alive! was released. This song back in 1975 was "rushed" when it came to the writing process. Album producer Neil Bogart told KISS they had to write an "Anthemic" song to act as a rally cry for KISS fans, thus the song was born. From when the song was written, there has not been a KISS concert since, that "Rock N' Roll All Nite" was not performed.

  • 3

    Love Gun (Love Gun 1977)

    This song is what I call, "The Machine Gun" of KISS songs. Just listen to the opening of the song, and BOOM! You got yourself some amazing KISS music. When the song was released it only got to #55 on the Billboard Charts. It did not see as much success as many KISS songs have, but like Detroit Rock City, it has become a favorite in KISS fans. "Love Gun" has been played on every KISS tour since it's release and is quoted as Paul Stanley's favorite KISS song. The song was also written by Paul Stanley and shares the name with the album.

  • 4

    Beth (Destroyer 1976)

    "Out of left field" is the common expression when you think of this song and KISS. KISS had no plans for this song to be as big as it became in 1976. When you think of a quintessential ballad of KISS, Beth quickly becomes the choice. Written and performed by Drummer Peter Criss, this song was originally named "Beck." The name was changed to reflect a more female name. It was written also by Stan Pendrige from the band "Chelsea," and the name "Beck" was short for Pendrige's wife "Becky." Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley did not want the song on Destroyer because it didn't sound like a "KISS Song," but record producer Bob Ezrin insisted and kept the song on the B-Side of the album. Obviously a good call sales-wise... "Beth" also won a 1977 People's Choice Award!

  • 5

    Forever (Hot In The Shade 1989)

    Ballads were all the rage in the 1980's, every hair band had to have a stellar ballad...thus KISS unleashed this titan of a song on their Hot In The Shade album. "Forever" was an extremely popular song when it hit the airwaves, peaking at the #8 spot on the Billboard Charts in 1990. It was written by Paul Stanley and Michael Bolton (Yes...that Michael Bolton!). The music video for "Forever" also be came the "Most Requested Video" on MTV and attained the #1 position on MTV. Hot In The Shade was also the last album to fully feature drummer Eric Carr, who then passed away in 1991.