Have you ever been flat-out scammed? Not fun, right? It can happen again! I feel like my mom often falls for stuff and scams.  Here are 5 sly ways you can be duped these days according yahoo finance:

  1. ATM Skimming - A device is attached to an ATM that captures information about your account when you swipe your card. Within minutes a criminal has your bank account info and PIN.
  2. Bogus pizza leaflets - If you find a pizza leaflet stuck on your windshield, be wary. Criminals use this technique to get you to call and place an order with your credit card. This scam works well on tourists visiting new towns.
  3. Phishing - An email is sent warning you that your personal information may be compromised. All you have to do is click a link to verify your identity. The identity they want to confirm is your credit card information on their fake site. Don't ever click a link in an email asking for personal information
  4. Stranded Facebook friends - You supposedly get an email from one of your friends needing money for a flight home. Call your friend -- they're most likely at home while their account is being hacked.
  5. Work-at-home schemes - Don't be a sucker and fall for the envelope-stuffing scam. It works like this -- you pay money to join an organization, and are promised money for every envelope you stuff. But it turns out, all you're doing is stuffing envelopes with flyers that recruit other people to stuff envelopes. Indication that a work-at-home scam is a scam: The pay is too good to be true, or payment is required to begin work.