Are you ready for this? has looked at a few sports polls and compiled a list of the most disliked athletes in America. We even have a Lions player on the list. So here they are.

#1 Michael Vick

#2 Tiger Woods

#3 Plaxico Burress (fresh off a prison term for gun possession)

#4 Ndamukong Suh (Det Lions player who stomped on an opponent)

#5 Kris Humphries (Thanks to Kim Kardashian)

#6 LeBron James (likability went down when he went to Miami)

#7 Kobe Bryant (Some love him, some find him phony and self-centered)

#8 Terrell Owens (polarizing. Signed with the indoor football league)

#9 Alex Rodriguez (his huge contract doesn't help)

#10 Kurt Busch (temper tantrums led to a divorce from Penske Racing)

The Sad part, they are all multi-millionaries!