Traverse City has announced it now has its own anthem.

It's not bad, but if we decide to have anthem for Grand Rapids, I hope it's more stirring and has less banjo and more epic guitar riffs.

Traverse City Tourism has announced the winner of its Traverse City Tourism Song Search and a new anthem for the popular northern Michigan resort community. “Take Me There,” by The Hacky Turtles, won.

Lead vocalist Mark Kanitz, of The Hacky Turtles, says it was being away from home that inspired their lyrics:

We wrote it about the feeling we have every time we are away from Traverse and Northern Michigan in general, and how we always love coming back home."

The lyrics are sprinkled with homages to their hometown like:

Sunrise paints these cherry-colored clouds, 
Wakes the earth, shining rays out on the ground, 
Brings to life our town below the bays. 
Great food, better people, everyone’s a friend; 
All are welcome where the compass ends. 
So raise a toast to one more day!

Take me there, take me where it’s pushing, pulling me along… 
Days move slow, my heart is full, everything to right from wrong… 
Smiles, dancing, sun or snow, nothing ever looked so pretty. 
Oh my, my No. MI, take me there to Traverse City!

Cherry-colored clouds? Is that even possible without death soon to follow?

We don't yet have an anthem for Grand Rapids, but if we did, I'd want it to be more like this:

And now some more TC inspiration.