Know what's cool? When big companies under promise and over deliver. When the Hostess Company went under late last year, and stopped producing America's favorite snack cakes like Twinkies and Cupcakes, well, we were all devastated, Ok I was at least.

The news broke about a month agio. The Twinkies would be back July 15. Signs were placed in stores and viral videos hit the web. "The Greatest comeback in the history of ever" has been proclaimed. I was all set to stop at my favorite retailer Monday to pick up some golden cakes. But to my surprise on Twitter Friday night I got this message...

"#Twinkies will be back by tomorrow, and some of our stores in MI already have them out for sale!"

So OF COURSE I visited my local Meijer, and to my glee, the Twinkies and Cupcakes were back!

My short review...the Twinkies seem smaller. The Cupcakes seem smaller.

Other than that....yummmmmmmmmmmmm :)