2 people with West Michigan ties have died, and if the Ottawa County Health Department gets their wish, you might too! First, the 2 deaths.
He was a menacing figure both on and off the court...Robert "Tractor" Traylor played for The University of Michigan in the mid 90's and played 7 seasons in the NBA. He had been missing for a few days and apparently died from a heart attack. He was 34.

Keith Maxwell, age 88, of Hudsonville, died Sunday. The name might mean much to you, but if you grew up in Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo, you had to know what the "Sveden House" was. Maxwell and his wife Helen were owners of the Sveden House Smorgasbord for 33 years in Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin, retiring in 1994. Some of earliest memories I have of going out to dinner with my parents were going to Bill Knapps, or to the Sveden House cafeteria's on Portage Road or the one on 28th Street. Loved shrimp night!

And, if you swim in Lake Michigan in Ottawa County, your health could be at risk! According to a story in today's Press, the County Health Department will stop issuing "no swim" advisories when the e-coli levels are high due to old testing equipment. It takes 24 hours to get results back, by which time most of the advisories get lifted anyway.