OBVIOUSLY Grand Rapids was one of the cities... that kind of goes without saying but let's not forget about Detroit, which also made the list!

A study, done by Infogroup, found the best wine and beer cities in America and while no Michigan city made the wine list, Grand Rapids (#3) and Detroit (#5) rocked the top 5 for beer cities.

The study looked at metro areas, in the U.S., with a million or more people living in the city and identified each one as a "beer" or "wine" city.

The types of industries targeted as being closely related to beer businesses were:

  • breweries including craft and microbreweries
  • beer and ale – retail

Infogroup mentioned how often Grand Rapids has been recognized for our beer.

In 2014, USA TODAY named Grand Rapids the Best Beer Town and Best Beer Scene due to their focus on and passion for locally crafted beer. Some of the local beer titans in this city include Founders, Grand Rapids Brewing Co. and Brewery Vivant.

In regards to Detroit...

...Detroit’s strong immigrant and blue collar roots are also linked to a great history of beer that has been kept alive by its locals. Detroit Beer Company and Motor City Brewing Works are some of the locals’ favorites.

If you're wondering what could possibly beat out Beer City USA... That would be Portland, Oregon which came in at #1 for BOTH beer and wine.

You can see the Top 10 cities for beer and wine in the charts below.