Everyone knows about the “walk of shame”, right?

After a crazy night of partying, the walk back to your place when you’re looking your worst and are hung over from the night before is referred to as the “walk of shame”.

Admit it- we’ve all been there.

The “walk of shame” is quite common among college students and young adults, and one University of Michigan student decided to cash in on it.

Kellyann Wargo is an Ann Arbor resident and U of M graduate that originally started picking up her friends the morning after a long night of drinking to save them from the “walk of shame”.

Wargo would listen to stories of her friends’ escapades from the night before and take them to go get breakfast, and her friends would repay her by paying her tab.

Eventually Wargo decided to save others from the “walk of shame” for a $5 fare which included the ride, a bottle of water and a “high five”.

After a YouTube video she posted to promote her services went viral- raking in over 292,000 views- Wargo was approached by VH1 representatives who ultimately ordered the show straight to series.

Wargo says the “Walk of Shame Shuttle” will premiere on VH1 during summer 2014 and was filmed in not only Ann Arbor, but Los Angeles, Miami and Boston.

Check out Wargo’s original YouTube ad for the “Walk of Shame Shuttle” below.