As I let you know about earlier, "The Paul Reiser Show" has been cancelled by NBC after 2 showings.

Now it seems Paul is a guest on the NBC late night talk show "The Tonight Show." It stars Jay Leno...perhaps you have heard of him? ;)
As my Facebook friend Bob put it best..."Paul will be on the Tonight Show..(now that his show has been cancelled) to promote what?"

The LA Times asked this very question this morning..."With Paul Reiser's show already canceled by NBC, what will he talk about on Leno tonight?"

Indeed...what WILL Paul and Jay talk about...maybe the new show that Christina Aguilera is pimping...called "The Voice"...ya know, the show that NBC has been pre-empting shows regular start times for to give you, the viewing public, a "sneak peak"...SNL started at 11:35 Saturday so we could see a special 5 minute version of "The Voice". Yawn.