Last September, as part of our Wee Difference campaign, we met a young man named Keegan Bulk from Fremont.  

His efforts to get toys for hospitalized children has earned him the title of HearthSong Hero.

We first heard of Keegan's efforts late last summer when he was our monthly Wee Difference honoree.  

Team Keegan was formed to pass along toys to children who were going through the things he went through while dealing with a brain tumor.

This week, we learned that Keegan and his charity earned him the title of HearthSong hero by the HearthSong toy company, a company committed to manufacturing wholesome childhood toys.  HearthSong regularly honors children who make a difference in thier communities.

 Team Keegan continues to provide gifts and "prize boxes" to children undergoing difficult medical procedures throughout West Michigan, and actively seeks donations to achieve that goal at their web site. You can also follow the charity on Facebook.

As the winner of the HearthSong Hero award, Bulk will be honored with 500 HearthSong toys for his Team Keegan "prize" boxes. He will also receive a $500 HearthSong gift card as thanks for his efforts.

“Children like Keegan provide true inspiration for how anyone, big or small, can contribute to making the world a better place,” said Beverly Fries, HearthSong’s VP of Merchandising. “Keegan is just one of thousands who lets his light shine through helping others. We’re especially delighted that his heroic light puts a little more play, joy and love into the lives of children. Our award and donation to all of our HearthSong Hero recipients is just a small thank you to both the children and the parents who nurture positive activities like this.”

Thank you, Keegan for making a Wee Difference in West Michigan!

Here's the kind of smiles Keegan's project brings.