Tall Turf Ministries offers programs that enrich the lives of young people in the Grand Rapids area. They encourage you to join their family and invest in the future of our community.

Tall Turf Ministries prides itself on making our community's diversity our strength, rather than our weakness.

Through a faith-based mission of reconciliation and leadership development, Tall Trees looks to "advance God's vision of justice peace and healing by rebuilding relationships that make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of youth."

That's a heady mission, to say the least.

Recently, I spoke with Tall Turf's Kyle Lim. He told me that's something he and the non-profit organization are committed to.

"We are a place that offers something that is not offered anywhere else in Grand Rapids," Lin said. "We break down the walls that keep us apart."

Lin said the organization employs young people, and trains them through their Leadership In Training (LIT) programs. Its lineup of summer camps for youths, including at Lake Campbell in Kent County's Bowne Township, were "created as a place where kid of different backgrounds can get together and we can teach them racial equity."

Camp Tall Turf has been in Grand Rapids since 1969, born of the conviction that the Christian community should be at the forefront of the work of dismantling racism and injustice.

How can you help? Many young people cannot afford to attend the camp because of financial hardships, but you can sponsor a camper and help offset the costs.

The ministry offers a range of programs and opportunities for youths.

Here's a look at its summer camp programs on Campbell Lake.

Here's a look at a couple of its programs in action.