A man in Ferrysburg is riding his moped when he stops at a stop sign. The woman in the car behind him rear ends him. The woman's excuse? 'No one stops at that stop sign, so I didn't expect him to.'

Strangely, the cops agree with her. What is happening?The stop sign is located at a guard booth in a subdivision and is there to warn you that the guard booth is coming up, so according to the law, since it's not at an intersection, you don't have to stop there.

According to the Grand Haven Tribune, that's the answer police gave when investigating the incident. Ottawa County Sheriff's Deputies say the driver of the moped is recovering from a head injury following the crash. He was not wearing a helmet.

So why have the stop sign there to begin with? That's a question I can't answer. But read the comments section of the article, because it's filled with beautiful conjecture.

And never drive a moped without a helmet. You're a small fish in pond full of giant fish.

Paul Ashby/Getty Images