OK, I fell for it, as did many others. The internets, in all their glory, led us astray. Today IS NOT the "Back to the Future" day from the movie. Past the jump is the ACTUAL day from the movie...it's October 21, 2015...still three years to go. Bah photoshop.

Thanks to friend of WFGR Theresa! As it has been said, "art imitates life". And in this case, life has now passed art. In the 1985 movie Back to the Future, Marty and Doc get into the famed DeLorean and set the time machine ahead...to the future. June 27, 2012 at 1:21 am to be exact. Well, the future has arrived. Congrats Marty and Doc. You are here.

So what have we learned? At some point every date reference in a movie or TV show will be realized. Maybe. The dates from Star Trek we might not ever see, but our kids kids' kids' might. Good for them. Have fun trying to remember what a TV is, kids of my kids. I'm sure by then TV will just be imported directly into people's heads. What fun will THAT be?