A couple of days ago, I rambled on about how we now, as a society, treat what used to be normal regular days as holidays. And that was about Tax Day.

Well now its April 20. 4/20 to be exact. even 4:20. I had a Facebook post from a friend with the exact line "Happy 4/20! How are you celebrating?"

Celebrating? Really? I mean, I guess...I know a few people who enjoy that sort of thing, but again...I think we look for an excuse to take what used to be a regular day, and make it a party.

Having said that, here's a video from the old Price is Right with Bob Barker...This kid bets "$420" for every bid in Contestants' Row. Even Bob at the end knows whats up, and he was 132 when this was taped!

So...Happy 4/20!