Well this hits home for me, literally. I grew up just outside of Charlevoix and went to school there, and spent countless hours on this lake and was next to it nearly everyday in my childhood.

A USA today poll was done, and lake Charlevoix came up at #2. It is a beautiful lake, no question. I was just at it a few weeks ago. Nice as ever. Only Lake Tahoe (Granted, is MUCH bigger) beat out our Lake.  Fine be me.  Keep Tahoe - I'll take a Northern Michigan lake any day!

"With several small, tourist-adored towns surrounding it, Lake Charlevoix boasts some of the world's finest sunsets, beaches, boating and gastronomy," wrote reader Chase Petroelje.

Sounds about right to me.   A little secret:  Go check it out in the Fall. It's less busy and just as warm and nice!