It's that season - It's POTHOLE season!  Yep, winter is over, and roads have are starting resemble the surface of the Moon with giant craters appearing all over 131 and beyond!

So as a public service to all of us, here's the official WFGR Pothole watch! If you see a pothole that's NASTY - drop me an e-mail to and I'll post it on our weekly update. Get ready for some bent rims and flats - brought to you by the fabulous roads of West Michigan!


Here's what I've seen over the last few days:

1) Pearl St In Front of Burger King - HUGE HOLE

2) Pearl St Under 131 - The road is falling apart in about 6 different spots

3) Fulton St Near Madison

4) WB 196 just past 131 Interchange - various craters

5) I'm sure there are more that I missed - that was just today!