Another WFGR Retrovision! Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm recently made light of a newly discovered YouTube video of her on the 60's and 70's game show "The Dating Game" Actors all over Hollywood use appearances on game shows to further their careers. I have seen friends of mine on shows like "Whammy" and "The Newlywed Game" getting more resume and camera time! Jenny was no different back in '78.

Granholm moved from Vancouver to LA to try and further her acting career. (Some would argue she's still acting) The Detroit Free Press reported a friend of one of the losers on the episode Granholm was on posted some of the show on his Facebook Page.

"Marty Nislick, 67, of Bayside, N.Y., told the Free Press he came across the footage on the Facebook page of a friend who was one of the losing contestants on the show with Granholm. Nislick said he saw it a while ago and then went back to the post several weeks ago and realized that the young blonde woman wearing high-waisted jeans, a light blue shirt with VERY puffy sleeves and suspenders was actually a fairly well known Michigan politician and now political talk show host.
He massaged the video, edited the commercials out and posted the video last week, two days after Granholm delivered the speech in Charlotte, N.C., that had her audience roaring their approval while stirring a spirited debate outside the arena on whether the former governor was over the top."

Enjoy the video here, as host Jim Lange opens the show saying "Let's give a hand for the cute and curvaceous Jennifer Granholm,"