The new show about to be remade from CBS? Love, American Style. Again. I hadn't realized this show has been remade 2 other times, including in the late 90's with Melissa Joan Hart. But CBS is will to try again.

Much like Hawaii 5-0, a classic show from the early 70's might be back on network TV. The Huffington Post's "'Love, American Style' Getting Reboot On CBS" explains.

""Love, American Style" is getting a remake. According to Deadline, CBS is redeveloping the anthology series from the 1970s.

Deadline reports CBS is dropping the anthology format that drove the original show. Instead, the remake will tell the story of four different couples and their relationships. "Being Eric" creator Jane Sinyor and "The Best Years" creator Aaron Martin are writing the project."

Here's the intro from the original show. This particular episode launched the 50's revival TV craze with "Love and the Happy Days" and springboarded Ron Howard and Potsie Webber to national fame.