So the next time you go to download a song or pirate a movie off the internet, remember the people who paved the way for you to push a few buttons and voila-Die Hard 3. Back in the day it was much much tougher.

Even in the 80's and 90's, copying a cassette just required a boombox with two players, or 2 vcr's hooked up to copy, say porn from the old video store. Not that I ever did that.

Here's a pictorial on how records were copied back in the day. Wax and glue and a steady hand and you could have the latest groovy Partridge Family albums in a matter of hours.


As you can see, by using the glue and the wax, you can copy an album to use many times. Congratulations! You have found a way around the system. These ingenious people are the movie filmers of the 90's and the music file sharers of today.